Our chosen whiteboard tool - the Samsung Flip 2

We are an innovative technology business and we like to try the latest gear, especially before we recommend it to our clients.  Our newest meeting tool is the latest version Samsung Flip 2 and we are loving it for the simplistic collaboration that it enables right here in our office.

After extensive research, Samsung realised that staff actually like meeting around a white board where people have the ability to share ideas, make notes and record the discussion for later reference.  We are old fashioned creatures with a penchant for the old style of meeting with butchers paper and markers, so Samsung decided to keep the essence of this while updating the tools, technology and delivery method.

The Samsung Flip 2 is a 55 inch whiteboard mounted on a stand which can be easily wheeled around the office.  Connecting is made simple through different options including USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing allowing for anyone in the office to collaborate.   For all of the specs, go here.

One of our favourite functions is the ability to flip the screen either horizontally or vertically and more than one person can draw on the board at the same time.  Writing with the pen is seamless, accurate and responsive, something that was previously a problem with electronic whiteboards.  Just use your finger as an eraser, simple!  With 20 pages of writing space per electronic roll (and multiple rolls)  there is ample space for everyone to contribute and, scrolling up and down through pages is simply continuous.  Each roll can be separately locked down for confidentiality purposes adding another layer of security to a collaboration tool.

We love the ability to connect your laptop to the Flip, showing your screen in a window on the whiteboard.  You can easily drag the window anywhere on the whiteboard, take an image of the notebook screen then draw all over it with the pen.

At the end of the meeting there is no need to photograph your notes for later reference.  Instead, notes can be shared through email, printing, USB, network storage or over Wi-Fi.

For the artists amongst us, there is a brush function allowing water colours, oil painting and colour mixing so a masterpiece can be created and shared in no time at all.  Possibly not that useful in a business meeting but it does demonstrate the level of detail that is now possible.

So why did we choose the Samsung Flip 2?  Microsoft have released their Surface Hub 2S, which is a clear winner in the whiteboard space, connecting to all things Microsoft but coming in at a price north of $15,000, making it a little harder to cost justify for many organisations.  The Flip 2, priced at under $3000, is both easy to use and extremely useful.  It will quickly pay for itself.

To learn more about the Samsung Flip 2 or to come and try it out at Sentrian, talk to your Client Service Manager

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