Right pace for wireless display technology

Ever tried to have a quick meeting and then spent the first 10 minutes just trying to get your laptop connected to the meeting room display?  Or found that every meeting room has a slightly different setup, almost like having their own individual personalities, just not  in a good way.   These were problems we were keen to eliminate in the meerting rooms in our new office.  We chose Crestron Airmedia wireless display technology to address this need.

The request to be able to share content seamlessly during meetings across various devices is becoming a norm in today's world, and it just got way more comfortable with the Crestron Airmedia wireless display hub.

We recently moved our offices, and one of the main benefits we are enjoying is having better-equipped meeting spaces. Our goal was to have collaboration areas that staff could walk into and quickly connect any device wirelessly to a meeting room display without technology frustration. We didn't want to use any cables, and we wanted the same experience in all meeting areas from our boardroom, to huddle rooms, to our breakout area (which uses a projector and motorised screen) and this is why we opted to use Crestron Airmedia 2.0 wireless display technology.

Airmedia 2.0 wireless presentation technology is one of the quickest, most seamless, easy to deploy, and secure systems designed for this purpose. The hub is built to easily connect from any browser on any network to different types of devices. Airmedia comes with a secure endpoint that complements your existing IT infrastructure and can deploy and update tasks from a central point without having to move from one place to another.

Whether you are sharing content such as a PowerPoint, Excel, Word or PDF documents from your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet, Crestron Airmedia technology allows users to connect wirelessly without any hassle. For instance, you walk into the room, and your device connects instantly, and you are sharing your project presentation like you were sending text messages.

The time we save in multiple meetings every day provides a fast payback on the investment required. It also ends the era of cables flying around to connect a laptop to a projector screen - no cables or dongles required and joined in less than a minute!

We chose Creston AirMedia technology as our central display hub, and so far, it has been great.  Connect any device wirelessly to the room's display, and it supports video and sound. Airmedia makes presentations and collaboration from a range of devices fast, simple, and efficient. Most importantly, it is reliable, working every time we need to use it.

To learn more about Crestron outstanding features click here. Or talk to you Client Services Manager about the options available to improve collaboration in your business.

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