Sentrian's Response To COVID-19

Updated: 8 January 2021

Sentrian is taking measures in response to the situation with COVID-19 including complying with  government requirements for social distancing.

Our priority is to safeguard our people, while continuing to serve our clients, particularly at this time when technology plays a fundamental role for all organisations responding to the impact of COVID-19.

Update Regarding the Brisbane Lockdown Until 11 January 2021

The Queensland State Government has asked all residents in the greater Brisbane area to stay at home for 3 days from 6pm 8 January to 6pm 11 January 2021. Sentrian will operate business as usual over this period except for:

  • Site vists in the lock down area scheduled during this period will be rescheduled, changed to remote or cancelled.
  • Site visits in the lock down area will be restricted to emergencies only.
  • Our Brisbane office will be closed with all staff working from home.
  • Operations will resume as normal from Tuesday 12 January.

Caring for our People

Many people at Sentrian already worked from home on a permanent or casual basis. From 17 March 2020 all staff were encouraged to work from home on a voluntary basis including our Service Desk team.  Effective 24 March 2020 working from home became mandatory for all staff (with the exception of coordinating equipment deliveries). This directive was relaxed from 12 June 2020 with a voluntary return to the office.

Travel remains restricted in line with government announcements.   We have established an obligation to report in the event of a staff member becoming infected or potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

These measures will stay in place until further notice.

Caring for our Clients

We began pro-active planning for working from home for all Sentrian One Service Desk clients in early March. Our Client Services team contacted all clients and completed planning meetings as required, starting COVID-19 Response Projects for each clients that required assistance.  The majority of these projects where completed by 1 April 2020. We continue to work with clients supporting both staff working from home and from the workplace.

Please read our Guide To Planning Your Response to COVID-19 for more information.

While we are again visiting client sites, we are restricting site visits in locations where there are COVID-19 outbreaks. We will provide ride-share transport for our staff for client visits in order to minimise the use of public transport.

Impact on Service Levels

We are currently experiencing no impact on our service levels as a a result of COVID-19.

We look forward to continuing to show our clients just what we can do in the challenging weeks and months ahead.

James Sowry
Founder and CEO 

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