Tips for quicker Google searching

You�??re no doubt aware of the origins of Google.  In 1998, two PhD students from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wrote the script for a new internet search engine they called "Google".  A few short years later the word was so well used that it became a verb and was recognised in the Oxford dictionary.  Now, googling is part of our everyday life - at home and in business.  Here we've rehashed a few of our fave Google tips to help you navigate searching the constantly growing fountain of knowledge that we call the internet.

-word   will exclude the word from a search.  For example, ice cream flavours -chocolate

"    "    quotation marks allow you to search for an exact phrase or set of words eg. "chocolate ice cream"

*    an asterisk before a word acts like a wild card and is often used in place of an unknown word (perfect for those forgotten sayings and song lyrics!) eg. * before you go



~   a tilde before a word will include the specific word in addition to any of its synonym's eg. Christmas ~present ideas will also provide options for Christmas gifts ideas



..    between two numbers indicates that Google should search between those numbers.  This is handy for dates, pricing and measurements eg.  camera $50..$100

Site:   allows you to search for something in a specific website eg. Microsoft 365

Related:   will enable you to find a website related to the site you enter but is different eg. you spend a lot of time on Pinterest but want to try something different, try Googling for new website ideas. 

Fast search tips!

To find the IP address you're working from, just type 'my ip' into the search bar and voila, there it is!

Maths sums can be entered directly into the search bar and Google will present you with both the answer and an online calculator.  Or type 'calculator' straight into the search bar.

Typing in 'weather postcode' will give you the weather in a given postcode area eg. weather 4064. Or typing 'weather' straight into the search bar will give you details of your local weather.

Typing in 'define word' will instantaneously provide the definition of the chosen word eg. define google

Typing in 'time location' will display the current time of the location you have entered eg. time Paris

Enter the ASX code of any stock into the search bar to check the current price of that stock.

Type in the code of a flight to see if it's running to schedule eg. QF12

And typing in 'traffic' will provide you with details of the traffic in your local vicinity.

Then there's the fun plays too

Flip a coin


Type "flip a coin" into the search engine bar and you will find a flipping coin to help with any of life's indecisive moments.

Bacon Number

Bacon Number - enter a "celebrity name bacon number" to reveal how many degrees of separation an actor is to Kevin Bacon. 

Reverse image search

This is a fantastic tip for finding a recipe, plant name, or the origin of any photo you may stumble across.  For example, to find out more about this picture of a lush tropical plant. 

Go to the Image tab on Google and hit the camera icon.  From here you can upload your image, or insert the image address, and Google will provide you with information on the object. 

With a never-ending stream of information constantly appearing on the internet, using search tips for Google should make life more efficient (and fun too!).

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