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With the cloud becoming more popular than ever, many enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure as their preferred platform - and for good reason. Not only is it one of the most popular cloud solutions in today's technological landscape, it's also amongst the earliest platforms offered to the general public. Moreover, it's backed by the expert team at Microsoft. However, Microsoft Azure isn't perfect. Like other platforms, it can be difficult to implement - especially if you're not familiar with cloud accessibility in the first place.

The Microsoft Azure platform touts a plethora of services - akin to apps on your smartphone - that increase the functionality of the standard Azure installation. Since most of these services are created by independent developers, they can bolster your version of Azure in ways that the original developers never considered.
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Azure for businesses

What Azure can bring to your business?

Azure was developed by Microsoft with a clear view in mind --a single avenue for building, hosting, and monitoring of infrastructure and application services.

Through Azure's wide variety of integrated data services, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of these services, enjoying advantages similar to those enjoyed by much larger companies.

Smaller businesses now have access to platforms like advanced analytics, machine learning, virtual desktops, application development and hosting, Active Directory, various Database servers, and many more.

Direct Support

Top tier support - always.

Sentrian is a direct Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, meaning our clients get premium customer service and fast solutions.

Azure platforms and Sentrian expertise

With all the bells and whistles that Microsoft Azure offers, it isn't a plug-and-play addition to your existing IT department. This is where experts from Sentrian come in to play. We're a proud Microsoft Azure partner, which means we can provide consulting and support services in line with Microsoft certifications and standards.

Our experts can help your IT team from assessment, planning and migration up to the implementation and testing phases.  Sentrian is also equipped to support any Azure cloud platform to make sure that your investment is worth every penny.

We help businesses pave their way to success by providing technologies that significantly boost flexibility, security, and productivity. And importantly, the peace of mind of having an expert partner by your side whenever you need one.

Cloud Migration
Cloud will help boost your company's efficiency, modernize critical business operations, standardize processes, and secure your digital assets.

Our experts will work closely with your team to design a Cloud infrastructure that will meet your key business challenges and is aligned with your business strategy.

Data Analytics
Our goal is to transform your company from using traditional data processing into a fast, secured, and cloud-controlled analytics to help you decide what's best for your company.

View metrics of your system, infrastructure, and application from Azure PaaS monitoring to help you effectively pinpoint the root cause of performance issues quickly.

Scaling & Improvements
Using Azure, our experts develop apps that are built to integrate with your current technology that enables swift and easy scaling of your business operations.

We are ready to talk about your business growth with Azure.

“A highly skilled team and a great service desk who continually demonstrate their commitment to service excellence.”
Geoff Clare
CFO | Construction Skills Queensland
You Centred Technology

The Sentrian Difference.

Innovation without effort
Access to the latest version of Microsoft hosted apps and services at all times keeps your people working without interruption. With no ongoing upgrade costs and no downtime for installing upgrades, your systems will be kept seamlessly up to date and secure so you stay ahead of the game.
Mix and match plans
Don’t pay for the stuff you won’t use. Our simple mix and match subscription model for Microsoft 365 allows you to add or remove services and users when you need to, making costs predictable and budgeting simple.
Local support
Easily access our local service desk team and get immediate support rather than waiting in lengthy queues in an overseas call centre.
Full Microsoft 365 Management
Sentrian can manage your licenses and configuration as well as providing support for you and your staff using Microsoft 365 applications.
Discounted pricing with no lock in
The Microsoft 365 packages are exceptional value and Sentrian improve on that by offering you discounted pricing on all plans. Discounts offered by Microsoft for a 12 month commitment are provided by Sentrian with a 1 month term. This allows for greater agility meaning that you can add and remove users monthly with no long term commitment.