We are officially a Best Place to Work!

Results from the 50 Best Places to Work survey were released last night and today we are proud to announce that Sentrian has officially a placed in the 50 Best Places to Work, ranking number 18 in the Under 100 Employees Category in our first year in the competition.

Our CEO and Founder, James Sowry, expressed interest in participating in the survey for 2019 with a view to learning more about being a great place to work and with no expectation of ranking in the top 50 in our first year.

The survey is run annually by the Great Place to Work organisation with 2019 being the 12th anniversary. Staff were surveyed with 58 questions about working at Sentrian - we scored a massive 97% in this survey with 100% on the litmus test stating that we are a "great place to work". In addition, our employment policies and initiatives were thoroughly scrutinised in the Culture Audit. Results were broken into 3 sections with our highest scoring being Teamwork - the reason we continually deliver high quality services to our clients!

From the results we have learnt where we can improve to be an even better place to work. Some new initiatives will be released to staff over the coming months. Our lowest scoring area is already well underway to being remedied - our facilities contributing to our good work environment! We are relocating in the next two weeks to a new, more flexible, office space.

With 163 companies under consideration and 85,471 employees surveyed, we are thrilled to be among the best! Part of the reason for our success in the Top 50 placement is the commitment to our Value "Never be satisfied" which encourages our team to examine their professional and personal goals and develop a plan to achieve them.  The publication reports one of our staff members as stating that "Sentrian truly acts like a family and takes the motto "we're all in this together" well above and beyond.

Winning this achievement is a huge complement from our staff and we are proud to be named amongst the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia. We look forward to continuing this honour in years to come and thank our amazing team for making Sentrian a great place to work.

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