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Access Office Files from Home Seamlessly with Virtual Desktop Services

Learn how Virtual Desktop Services provide a seamless, secure solution to accessing office files from home. With features like centralised data storage, secure remote access, these services are an invaluable tool.

Cyber Insurance – What insurers are looking for before they will provide you cover

Getting and keeping a cyber insurance policy is no longer a simple matter of finding a broker and buying one. As the cyber risk increases year on year, insurers are tightening up requirements that must be met by companies before they can be considered for a policy. We have worked with Hunter Broking Group, cyber insurance experts, to come up with the 6 most common requirements that insurers will have before considering writing a policy for your business.

Is your email backed up?

By far, the most used Microsoft facility is ‘Exchange Online’, the hosted email solution. However, people are under the impression that their email is completely backed up simply by using email on Microsoft 365, but this is not the case.

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