Find Brisbane CBD passenger drop-off zones in Google Maps

Passenger drop-off zones across Brisbane's CBD are now visible on Google Maps. The new map is an improvement on slowly rolling up to the curb and trying to decipher cluttered roadside parking signs. However the map does suffer some limitations.

Brisbane City Council made the passenger drop-off zones visible using a custom map overlay for Google Maps. The zones are indicated by classic P for parking icons. The individual icons can be shared with other Maps users, which can be helpful for organising pick-up and drop-offs in the busy CBD.

An update in early 2018 has added specific information about each drop-off zone, including their hours of operation and if they are shared with a commercial loading zone. The map previously lacked any detailed information. 

How to add passenger drop-off zones to your Google Maps account:
  1. Open the map in Google Maps here (or view the embedded map below).
  2. Log-in to your Google account. 
  3. Click the star icon in the top of the pane open on the left of the screen.
  4. The map will now be saved under your starred maps, which can be active as you search directions in future. Alternatively you can click a specific passenger zone pin and start directions from the pin directly. 
Drop-off zone map summary:


Sending a passenger drop-off zone pin in iMessage
  • Drop-off zones are known before a trip commences.
  • The zones can be shared by sending the zone's pin to another Google Maps user (or they can download the app).


  • Limited to Brisbane CBD.


It's good to see the map has been updated since we first posted. Initially the map only displayed the drop-off zone locations, with no further information. We hope the map continues to be maintained and improved, particularly expanding to other high traffic areas around the city

A similar map is also available for commercial loading zones in the Brisbane CBD.

This page was updated on 16/03/2018 to reflect updates and improvements to the map by the Brisbane City Council.

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