Getting your business post pandemic ready

As restrictions ease around the country we are all planning on the best way to return our teams to the workplace.  You have probably been reminded of our obligation to staff to provide and maintain a work environment that is without risk to health and safety and this now includes minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

Safe Work Australia have some great resources and guidelines to ensure we meet the requirements which include:

  1. Physical distancing - ensuring 4 square metres of space per person
  2. Encourage social distancing of at least 1.5 metres
  3. Promote regular and thorough hand-washing
  4. Thorough cleaning of the workplace to ensure a high level of hygiene.

It is also our duty to provide information and instruction to our workforce to ensure these requirements are met.  But do you have the right tools and signage to ensure you're providing the most hygenic and pandemic safe workplace for your staff?

We are proud to have partnered with CV Services Group for many years and one of their main divisions, CV Media & Signage have developed a suite of signs and equipment to ensure you meet requirements.  Here at Sentrian, we are currently preparing for some of our team to return to the office next week and we are busy calculating how many desks we can use, how many people we can fit in an office, in the lunch room, etc.  But after this step comes the process of informing and reminding staff and that's where the benefit of good signage comes into play.

 CV Media & Signage have developed some great tools for your office including:

Office rooms:
covid-19 sign
Floor decals:
covid-19 sign
Office pods:
covid-19 sign
covid -19 sign

There are also some great signage ideas for bigger workplaces and venues.

Where your spacing requires even more thorough hygiene standards you can even have sneeze screens between desks:

covid-19 sign

If you would like some expertise in making sure your office is at the highest hygiene standard while bringing your team back to work then take a look at the full suites of CV Signage & Media COVID-19 solutions

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