How to Get Support from Sentrian

As a loyal client of Sentrian, you already know there are several avenues available to request IT support when you need it.  We pride ourselves on the service we deliver when you or your colleagues need a little extra help to resolve your IT issues.  Just a timely reminder on the best way to secure the fastest solution to your requirements.

We have 3 options available to ensure you get support:

  1. Log a ticket instantly through Get Support
  2. Call 1300 791 678
  3. Email
1.      Get Support

Completing this form is the fastest and easiest way to request help with any IT issue.  The completion of this form creates a ticket which will be assigned to an engineer immediately by our Service Operations Control team.  This means we have recognised your issue, prioritised the urgency and assigned resolution all within a few minutes of you hitting "submit".

There are several ways to access this form, all creating a ticket instantaneously.

This form can be accessed from and click on "Get Support" on the top right hand corner as shown in below picture.

Or from the top menu on the site

You can also Get Support by clicking the Sentrian shield button in your system tray. 

2.      Phone Support

If you are experiencing an urgent issue (ie your systems are not operational), please call our Service Desk directly on 1300 791 678.  Our Service Desk is staffed by very experienced and qualified engineers all based in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and you will get the support you need within minutes.

3.     Email

Sending an email to will also create a ticket immediately.  However, the Get Support form above ensures all the information is collected and can be quicker than sending through an email.

Sentrian email ( is not monitored outside of business hours. Please call 1300 791 678 to notify an emergency after hours request.

What happens next

When you log a ticket through the Get Support page you have an opportunity to provide the information required for us to assess the Priority to be assigned.

What response time should I expect?

Ticket response and resolution time targets are based on the priority assigned. A ticket can be assigned to a Service Desk Engineer or escalated to a Systems Engineer depending on the complexity of the request and the authority level required to address the request. An engineer will contact the person named in the ticket via email or phone to resolve the incident or to respond to the request. 

What if my request is urgent?

The majority of tickets are assigned with P4 - Normal priority (Resolution time 24 Business Hours). If the request is urgent and needs to be completed urgently, please indicate the urgency to on the Get Support form. Our Service Desk will escalate the ticket (Prefix ticket Summary Description with 'Urgent') in the Service Desk queue or escalate the ticket to a higher priority if the incident is impacting more users than expected by the nature of the incident.

What are the Service Desk hours?

Requests can be logged 24x7 via email. Your request will be responded to during Service Desk Hours. Normal Service Desk Hours are 7am - 6pm (AEST & AEDT) Monday to Friday excluding national public holidays.

Out of business hours support

If you require emergency after hours support, please call 1300 791 678.  After hours calls will be answered by an auto-attendant, you can follow the below prompts to leave a voicemail and a Sentrian after hours engineer will contact you normally within half an hour.

How do I check the progress of my request or escalate the request?

To check the progress of your request email with the ticket number you received when the request was first logged. 

As always, please contact your Client Services Manager if you have any questions.

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