Sentrian are on the move!

That's right!  Sentrian are relocating... NEXT DOOR!

After many years of continued growth, thanks to our loyal clients, we have finally outgrown our current office and are excited about our new home, relocating from 12 Railway Terrace to 14 Railway Terrace. Milton is the ideal location for us, and our clients, so we couldn't bring ourselves to move too far, we jumped at the chance to relocate next door when the space became available.

Several of our long standing clients may remember our move to Milton from Toowong in 1997. The team was significantly smaller then, but some of those original staff are still with us today.  As the team grew, so did the office. Originally, we enjoyed a huge space housing a pool table and foosball table but after several years this was overtaken by desk space to accommodate a growing team.  There are only so many changes you can make, and so many people you can fit in a room, and so the hunt for a new office began.

As well as a smart new office, we're taking this opportunity to try a few new things. Firstly, we will have a balcony so we can break the stereotype of IT people, and actually go outside. To lure the engineers out, we have purchased a smoker so we can enjoy some good old American BBQ.  With a few competent cooks on staff, and even one qualified chef, to say we're a little excited about this is an understatement. Turns out our talented staff can do much more than manage your IT!

We'e also looking forward to introducing a more dynamic workplace. By utilising OfficeMaps, we will be almost entirely hotdesking. No longer will we be bound to the same desk day in and day out, or sitting next to the same people, but rather working alongside other colleagues which we believe will only strengthen our team, and collaborative culture. Lockers will be provided for those that do leave equipment at the office, and will have the ability to book a particular desk should you require.

We will also be setting up a couple of break out areas where the team can get a little quiet time and there will be meeting rooms to collaborate. Knowing that certain teams are best sat in the same area, we're are introducing "neighbourhoods" to guide seating.  And, of course, end-of trip facilities are a must in a new offices where we are encouraging staff to walk, ride, run and go to the gym.

We hope to have an opportunity to show off the new premises to you.  If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by to say Hi! and see what's on the smoker!

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