Start the New Year efficiently with Microsoft Teams apps

If you're all in with Microsoft Teams, or looking for reasons to be, look no further. It's no secret that we at Sentrian are big fans of Teams. It's so much more than a simple Chat program; Teams is a full, powerful, feature-rich collaboration tool. And the best news? Most people are already paying for it with their Office 365 subscription. If you want to know more about what Microsoft Teams can do for you, visit their website to learn more.  

If you need more convincing that Microsoft Teams is worth a look, read on and learn about these Teams apps that you can easily add and significantly increase the productivity of your team.  If your administrator has enabled it, you can press the "+" button at the top of any Teams channel, and then choose or search for an app.

These are just some of our favourite Teams apps that we think you should take a look at.


Everyone knows YouTube, and in one way or another, everyone has used YouTube.  Be it funny cat videos, this week's collection of "fails", or an instructional video on setting up an irrigation system (yep... my weekend), YouTube is an almost endless collection of both useful, and useless videos. You can see above how you can add YouTube to Microsoft Teams, but the collaboration service makes this one of our most popular add-ins. Once added, the YouTube app will let you share links to playlists or channels, without ever having to leave the Microsoft Teams application. You can also search for videos straight from the tab, paste in links, or even pin a video to the top of any channel in Teams... Great for those videos you need to refer to over and over. This can save countless hours across your team in having to open a web browser and search YouTube manually.


Are you a Trello user? We are! Of course, Microsoft Teams integrates with Microsoft's own service, Planner, but thankfully they also offer Trello as an App for Teams. When you add this to Teams, you can see all your boards from within Teams, without having to go to a browser. You can also create new cards, monitor activities, and move cards around. That's pretty much everything Trello does, but with the convenience of having it all within Teams.


When you need info on nearly anything, Wikipedia is a darn good place to start. Sure, you could jump in your browser and visit the site, or, you guessed it, add the Wikipedia app in Teams! You can easily search for articles and share with your team.

Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow)

Not familiar with Power Automate? Check out our previous blog post to learn a little more. Once you're across it, try adding it to Teams! From there you can connect tasks and save your team mountains of time. You'll be able to automate tasks like alerts, notifications, and even launch bots within Teams. You can also configure Power Automate to display Tweets, emails, or other information from Microsoft's other services, all directly within Teams channels. So much you can do without ever leaving Teams, it's never been easier to keep everyone on the same page! (pun intended).

But wait, there's more!

No steak knives in this instance, but there are many more apps that can be added to Teams. We've only touched on four of our faves, but there are so many more you can integrate. A full list of 280+ applications can be found at this website.  There you'll find apps from various categories such as analytics, artificial intelligence, collaboration, customer service, finance, human resources, and many more.

Be sure to keep an eye on this list too as it is growing constantly!

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