My Sentrian is an IT support and management portal, it has been developed to make sure that you are the focus of all we do. Using My Sentrian allows us to get help to you faster, resolve your issues more efficiently and keep you up to date with every aspect of your IT environment and the services we provide to you.

Save Time

Ticket resolution is faster when using My Sentrian due to intelligent routing of issues to the correct support team. Back and forth mailing is reduced allowing you and your colleagues to get back to the work that really matters. Tracking your outstanding requests has also never been easier with simple, but powerful views of all your historical tickets.

Get what you need

Find the IT services you need at your own pace with a complete service catalog that’s always up to date.

Improve IT usage with on-demand training

Train users with customisable courses and knowledge articlesto give your staff the IT skills that they need to make the most of your appsand services. Courses can be accessed from any device connected to the internetat a time that suits the individual. In addition to courses provided bySentrian, in-house content created by your business can also be added to theonline university to make it easy for staff to find education materials forother aspects of your business.

Improve strategic planning

In conjunction with your Client Services Manager, create and implement IT roadmaps and plans that can be communicated with key users in your organisation.


Gain critical insights

The all-in-one report center and comprehensive infrastructure data can be found in one place to help you gain insights into your IT environment. Find lists of assets including workstations, applications and servers to track their usage and allocation. This helps you make better decisions around IT, reducing costs and improving efficiencies.


My Sentrian has been built to be easy to use. No complex training or manuals are required, just log in and explore My Sentrian’s features at a time that suits you. It’s always available either from your web browser or through Microsoft Teams on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet device.


Get in touch with your Client Services Manager to find out more about My Sentrian or log in to My Sentrian at or from Microsoft Teams.


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