Important tasks added to Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft is continuing its frequent feature updates for its task management app To-Do. The latest update added 'Important' To-Do tasks and attribution for tasks in shared lists. 

The two features allow users to see which To-Do tasks need to be completed first, and maintaining a history of tasks where teams are involved. 

The new update also adds a third default To-Do list named Important, adding to the existing My Day and To-Do list.

Important To-Do tasks

Important To-Do tasks signal an increased priority for the task. 

Marking a To-Do task as Important does the following: (1)  the task will display with a blue star, indicating Important, (2) allows the task to be viewed on a list sorted by Importance, (3) adds it to a new list named 'Important'. 

Using the feature is highly intuitive. Simply create a normal to-do, and tap the empty star icon on the right to 'Mark as Important'. 

Give your important to-dos the star treatment with our latest update. Sort by Importance and you can tackle your to-dos in order of priority. - Microsoft To-Do Help (@MicrosoftToDo) July 17, 2018


Importance is also available as a 'Sort by' option, offering a clear view of which tasks need to be completed next. 

The feature has a visual resemblance to starring email in Gmail. 

Attribution on shared lists

Microsoft is also continuing to improve recently added features. Attribution is now visible on shared lists, allowing teams to go back and see who specifically added or completed tasks. 

Shared lists were introduced in early June, with Steps added earlier in the year. To-Do features have been regularly released throughout the year as Microsoft continues to refine the service. 

Microsoft To-Do is included in all Office 365 subscriptions and links to Outlook Tasks.

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